Fenway Park Seating Chart

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View the Fenway Park Seating Chart for Boston Red Sox baseball games at Fenway Park in Boston, MA this season. Browse the detailed seating chart and map of Fenway Park.
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Fenway Park Seating Chart

Upcoming Baseball Games At Fenway Park

There are currently no Red Sox games being played at Fenway Park. Please check back later or click the button below to find more Red Sox tickets on Fenway Ticket King!

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Upcoming Concerts At Fenway Park
Date / Time
Event Information

June 26, 2014
7:30 PM
Billy Joel Concert
Fenway Park - Boston, MA

June 27, 2014
6:30 PM
Zac Brown Band Concert
Fenway Park - Boston, MA

June 28, 2014
6:30 PM
Zac Brown Band Concert
Fenway Park - Boston, MA

Upcoming Frozen Fenway Games

There are currently no Frozen Fenway games being played at Fenway Park. Please check back later or click the button below to find more Frozen Fenway tickets on Fenway Ticket King!

Guide to Fenway Park Seating Chart

Above is a seating chart of Fenway Park in Boston, MA. The Fenway Park seating chart shows the sections, section numbers, locations and areas of the stadium so you will know what you are getting yourself into before your visit. If you are new to the area, this can be confusing, but there is a helpful seating chart above for just about every event.

For a better idea of the view from each section, SeatData has a photograph of the view from every section in Fenway Park. Click the link to view the SeatData Fenway Park section views. When you're buying Boston Red Sox tickets at Fenway Ticket King, you will want to consult the Fenway Park seating chart to ensure that you're getting the best tickets for your money.

Once you find the Red Sox game you want to attend at Fenway Park, you will be shown a list of tickets available.

Sections starting in "BL" means bleachers seating.

Sections that contain "SRO" are Standing Room Only. This means that you have a ticket that admits you to the game but you do not have a seat.

Sections containing "GS" or "GST" or "Grandstand" are all infield or outfield Grandstands. You will need to look at the section number to figure out where the section is. Refer to your map.

Sections with "RFB" and "RF Box" are the right field box seats.

Sections with just "Box" or "Loge" are the loge seats above the field box seats.

"FBox" refers to Field Box seating.

The next part is to determine which section is suitable. There is a "Family Friendly" section that does not serve alcohol located in outfield grandstand 33. There are also suite style seats such as roof top pavilions, EMC club seats and so on. To find out which section has the view you want, you can consult with: http://www.seatdata.com which shows actual views from each section in Fenway Park.

When you find the section(s) you like, you can now begin looking at the rows. In sections with lettered rows, single lettered rows are in front of double letter rows. The single letters start A-Z and then after that, the double letters start AA-ZZ. (ie: Row A is before Row AA and Row M is before Row AA). Some sections contain rows with numbers and obviously row 1 is the 1st row. Take a close look at the map because some parts of the field have dugout box seats in front of the field box seats so you may have row 1, but it is behind a few rows of dugout box seats.

After that, the rest is easy... quantity of tickets... checkout... and your tickets are on their way.

Fenway Ticket King's seating chart lets you see exactly how the field will be set up during certain events. Whether it' a concert, baseball game, or hockey game, we will make sure you know how the seating chart is going to look.

We understand that the park can be confusing, so we came up with this seating chart so you can get a vizualization of how it is going to look before you visit it. Our seating chart is not over complicated and lets you know exactly where the best seats in the stadium are.

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