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Fenway Ticket King is an online marketplace for fans looking to order tickets to sold out Fenway Park events including tickets to the Boston Red Sox. Fenway Ticket King was created by Red Sox fans for Red Sox fans. We found the need to develop an alternative method to find and secure premium tickets when the box office was sold out. Fans have the option to pick their own seats and we find that this one feature is a great advantage for our customers.

We strive to have the largest selection of tickets available for each Fenway Park event and that includes networking with ticket brokers from Boston, New England and even across North America. With a massive selection of tickets, we have competitive pricing on all tickets and offer great customer service. Fans can call to track an order, place an order, get event information and even ask about our site policies and guarantee details.

Who we are

Our New England-based company was founded in 1999 and our website was launched in 2005. We have been helping fans find tickets to Red Sox vs Yankees games, World Series games, spring training, away games and so much more.

In addition to baseball games, Fenway Ticket King has also helped fans find tickets to events such as the Winter Classic (NHL Hockey game), Frozen Fenway (College and High School Hockey), friendly soccer matches, concerts (rock, hip hop, country, pop, alternative and more) as well as any other event that is hosted by America's most beloved ballpark, Fenway Park.


We're Red Sox fans just like 99.9% of our customers! We were "Born into it" and we live for the excitement of being Red Sox fans. We've been there for the ups, the downs and the turn-arounds. We are hard working individuals that comprise one of the top ticket broker companies online, FenwayTicketKing.com. We are a secondary ticket company that resells tickets online above or below face value (determined by many factors).

Our team consists of several customer service agents (available by phone - 877-870-3649), several graphic designers and website programmers, the managers and our order processing team. We take this business very seriously but find time to have a good time. Fenway Ticket King is a legitimate, American company with American employees; we never outsource our work to other countries (not even phone support)!


Who we are NOT!

We are not ticket scalpers, we are not scammers and we are not deceivers. Ticket brokers can often be confused with scalpers. Well, if you buy tickets on our site, we offer choice of seats, options, a 125% money back guarantee, customer support and a solid reputation... all things that a ticket scalper cannot offer. Our online checkout protects us and customers against fraud and ensures each transaction is processed securely and without any chance of identity theft. We are 100% against scams, theft and deceiving our customers. We make sure that our policies page is linked up on every page of our website and is even included on our checkout page. You cannot complete a purchase without checking the box stating that you have read and abide by out policies.

We are not affiliated with any team, band, musician, promoter or venue. Fenway Ticket King is legitimate business striving for complete customer satisfaction!


Our Philosophy

We offer you the selection to sit anywhere you'd like by allowing you the choice to select your own seats. The Box office can't offer this option because when tickets go on sale, you take what you can get (if you can get anything at all). We offer tickets that are not available anywhere else (box office, ticketmaster, scalpers, craigslist, etc). We're here to help you get the tickets you want! We offer a 125% money back guarantee and we're always working to make sure that we have the most options available at competitive pricing.


Why Choose Fenway Ticket King?

Well, because we're Sox fans too, we have competitive pricing, you can choose your own seats, your tickets are backed by a 125% ticket guarantee and we have excellent customer service. But we're here for you, and that's the most important part!


Want to Know More?

If you're looking for more information, you can connect with us via Twitter or Facebook. You can also contact our customer support team via phone if you have more urgent questions. They can be reached at 877-870-3649.