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Order Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck tickets for all Boston Red Sox games at Fenway Park in Boston, MA.
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Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck Tickets

Fenway Park's Budweiser Right Field Roof Deck offers patrons a unique seating experience featuring tables and chairs (as opposed to just seats). located at the corner of right field, the seating is high above the field and offers a different perspective of the game below.

Tables in this section offer seating for 4 people. If you're planning on getting tickets for the Budweiser Roof Deck sections, it's a good idea to get a group of 4 tickets. Ordering less than 4 will not guarantee that nobody else will be seated at your table. There are 202 seats in the Roof Deck seating area.

The seats are unique metal seats that are fixed to the ground and have a distinct baseball pattern on the seat. The tables are in the shape of home plate. Both the table and chairs are the classic, Fenway Green, which can be seen all over fenway park including walls, rails, posts and so on. Views from the right field roof deck are amazing. Fans can catch the atmosphere of the Red Sox game while getting some food and cold beer.

Red Sox Bud Right Field Roof Deck Tickets

Right Field Roof Deck Fenway Park Tickets

The Budweiser roof deck section is located high above right field and allows for a great perspective of the game. Check the Boston Red Sox Schedule to find games you want to attend this season and from there you can find tickets for the Budweiser Right Field Deck. Many right field deck seats are available for purchase at Fenway Ticket King and Budweiser Roof Deck tickets for Red Sox games are selling fast.

Each ticket for these sections may include a $25 food and beverage credit. The section is split into 3 levels and simulate rows. The first "row" is the lowest and each additional "row" is slightly higher. There is plenty of food and beverage choices at the Budweiser Roof Deck full-service bar. The tables are serviced by a wait staff that will be available during the entire game.

The Right Field Roof Deck includes a standing room only ticket option which is designated next to the full service bar. The entire roof deck section is uncovered and fans will be unprotected from the weather (sun, rain, snow, wind, heat and cold). Please make sure to plan accordingly by checking the weather forecast. You may need to bring sun screen, light clothes, warm clothes, rain gear or winter clothes depending on the Boston weather for game day.

Right Field Roof Deck patrons will enter Fenway Park at Gate B (Van Ness Street and Ipswitch). There is a will-call ticket office located next to Gate B for fans that need to pick up their tickets the day of the game.

About Right Field Roof Deck Tickets

The right field roof deck seats are also available for most concerts and other sporting events. These specialty seats remain some of the most popular seats in Fenway Park. This is a great area to catch a Red Sox game with a group of friends because of the dedicated wait staff, unique seats, perspective of the field and full view of the game.

Die-hard Red Sox fans and casual fans alike will enjoy these seats. If you're a fan that likes to see every detail of the game, you might consider bringing binoculars or at least a radio to listen to the game because of the distance from these seats to home plate.

When finding these seats from other sections of Fenway Park, just look for the giant Budweiser sign in right field. The roof deck is located just below that sign. Tickets purchased directly from the Red Sox cost anywhere from $120 (tier 4) to $150 (tier 1) face value. Standing room only tickets range from $30 to $40. Because Fenway Ticket King is a reseller, tickets may be sold below or above face value.

The Bud Roof Deck is open for all games at Fenway Park despite weather and other factors. These seats will likely always be serviced by wait staff, however, the Right Field Roof Deck also has a full service bar with food for your convenience. When you order Red Sox Budweiser Right Field Roof tickets, they will be shipped to you using FedEx.

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