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First Baseline Seats at Fenway Park

Seats behind the First Baseline at Fenway Park offer an exceptional view of the game action. They are among the most desirable seats in the stadium.

Fenway Park First Baseline Tickets

First Baseline Seats Information

First Baseline Seats at Fenway Park offer an awesome viewing experience. First Baseline Seats are available in 5 categories. Dugout Box Seats are the closest to the field, and by far the most expensive. Field Box Seats are the next closest to the field and cost more than First Baseline Seats located further from the field. Loge Box Seats are located behind Field Box Seats. Loge Box Seats still offer a terrific view, while being somewhat more affordable than Dugout Box & Field Box Seats. Infield Grandstand Seats are the next furthest from the field, and still offer a great view at an affordable price. Pavilion Club Box seating is also available. While they are the furthest from the field they offer a comfortable and luxurious experience with dining options not available elsewhere in the park.

Ordering First Baseline Seat Tickets

Ordering First Baseline Seat tickets for Boston Red Sox games at Fenway Park is quick and easy. To order online at, simply click on the "Tickets" link for the desired game. Then select one of the Dugout Box, Field Box, Loge Box or Infield Grandstand sections located behind the First Baseline. It's as easy as that. You can also order Red Sox tickets over the phone by calling 877-870-3649. Don't wait! Order your Bleacher Seat tickets now!

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