Fenway Park Seating Chart

Fenway Park Baseball Seating Chart

Fenway Park Baseball Seating Chart
Fenway Park Tickets are now available for the 2019 season. With the Boston Red Sox striving to defend their World Series Championship, Fenway Park tickets will be in great demand in 2019. See the Seating Charts, below, for information regarding available seating options. Order your tickets now while great seats are still available!

Fenway Park Concert Seating Chart

Fenway Park Concert Seating Chart

Fenway Park Hockey Seating Chart

Fenway Park Hockey Seating Chart

Fenway Park Seating Chart Guide

You'll notice that there a 3 separate Fenway Park seating charts displayed. The first chart is for Boston Red Sox games. The second chart is for concerts held at Fenway Park. The third chart is for Frozen Fenway outdoor hockey game events. When deciding where you'd like to sit, please refer to the appropriate chart.

Ordering Fenway Park tickets is fast and simple. Once you have decided on a section, click on the "Tickets" button next to the game or event you plan to attend. You will then be shown a list of the options available within that section. Select the option you prefer and the number of tickets you're ordering. You can also order Fenway Park tickets over the phone by calling 877-870-3649.

For a better idea of the view from each section, browse for tickets at an event at Fenway Park and use our interactive seating charts that provide seat views for your convenience.

Green Monster Tickets

Helpful Seating Chart Guide

  • Sections starting in "BL" means bleachers seating.
  • Sections that contain "SRO" are Standing Room Only. This means that you have a ticket that admits you to the game but you do not have a seat.
  • Sections containing "GS" or "GST" or "Grandstand" are all infield or outfield Grandstands. You will need to look at the section number to figure out where the section is. Refer to your map.
  • Sections with "RFB" and "RF Box" are the right field box seats.
  • Sections with just "Box" or "Loge" are the loge seats above the field box seats.
  • "FBox" refers to Field Box seating.
  • There is a "Family Friendly" section that does not serve alcohol located in outfield grandstand 33.
  • In sections with lettered rows, single lettered rows are in front of double letter rows. The single letters start A-Z and then after that, the double letters start AA-ZZ. (ie: Row A is before Row AA and Row M is before Row AA). Some sections contain rows with numbers and obviously row 1 is the 1st row.

Green Monster Fun Facts

When did the Green Monster get seats? The seating section above the Green Monster opened in the 2003 season.

How many seats are there on the Green Monster? There are only 269 seats perched atop the Green Monster.

How tall is the Green Monster? Fenway Park's Green Monster stands 37 feet tall.

How far is the Green Monster from Home Plate? The Green Monster is located 310 feet from home plate.

How much do Green Monster seat tickets cost? The cost of tickets varies based on factors such as opponent, time of year and day of week. However, due to their popularity, uniqueness and limited quantity, you can expect to pay a premium price to enjoy the Green Monster Seat experience.

Are Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets available in the Green Monster Section? Yes, there are a limited number of Standing Room Only tickets available.

Fenway Park tickets are available at FenwayTicketKing.com for all 2019 Red Sox home and away games, including Spring Training games, as well as a variety of other events. Postseason tickets will are also available when the Red Sox become eligible for the Playoffs.

You have many options when selecting your tickets for games at Fenway Park. Why not enjoy the spectacular view from Green Monster seats? Other premium options include Dugout, Loge and Field Boxes, Infield and Outfield Grandstand Seats and Roof & Pavilion Boxes. Bleacher Seats and Standing Room Only tickets are also available.

If you need assistance finding seats and tickets for events at Fenway Park, please call us, 877-870-3649.

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