Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  1. What is Fenway Ticket King?
    Fenway Ticket King is an official reseller of tickets that is part of the secondary ticket market. We specialize in selling tickets to events in and around Fenway Park. For more information please visit our About Us page.
  2. What is the secondary ticket market?
    The secondary ticket market is basically tickets that were bought for face value and are now being sold for either less or more than face value. Fenway Ticket King only deals with licensed ticket resellers, not scalpers so each and every ticket being sold on our site is legitimate.
  3. Is Fenway Ticket King legit?
    Fenway Ticket King is an official reseller of tickets and we are a legitimate business. If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.
  4. Is Fenway Ticket King Safe To Use?
    Yes Fenway Ticket King is perfectly safe to use. We have a secure checkout as well as a fully functioning customer service center that is designed to ensure customer satisfaction.
  5. Is Fenway Ticket King affiliated with the Red Sox?
    No, Fenway Ticket King is in no way affiliated with the Boston Red Sox, MLB, or any of their partners. For more information please visit our Disclaimer page.
  6. Is Fenway Ticket King affiliated with Fenway Park?
    No, Fenway Ticket King is in no way affiliated with Fenway Park or any of their partners. For more information please visit our Disclaimer page.
  7. What type of guarantees does Fenway Ticket King offer?
    Fenway Ticket King offers a 125% money back guarantee on all tickets that are not delivered by the seller, shipped too late for the event, or were invalid. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee if your event was canceled with no rescheduled date. For more information please visit our guarantee page.
  8. What types of payments are accepted?
    We accept all major credit cards including, Master Vard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

Ticket Information

  1. Are the tickets listed on your site real/legitimate?
    Yes, all of the tickets listed on our site are real and legitimate. We offer tickets that are sold through licensed resellers who purchase these tickets directly.
  2. Why are the tickets listed above/below face value?
    The price at which a reseller wants to sell his or her tickets is up to them. We do not control the price at which these brokers sell their tickets at. Prices range from above to below face value depending on the broker.
  3. Will my seats be together?
    Yes, your seats will all be together. Unless specified otherwise in the notes, your tickets will always be paired together.
  4. What is an E-Ticket?
    An E-Ticket is an electronically distributed ticket. If your ticket is an E-Ticket it will be specified in the notes when you purchase them. Once your order is confirmed you may then print out your ticket for later use.
  5. What happens if the event is scheduled for the same day as I purchased the tickets?
    You will be given the choice to either receive your tickets as an E-Ticket, or pick up your tickets at the booth or box office at the venue. Once you purchase your tickets you will be given instructions on how to get your tickets.

Delivery Information

  1. When will the tickets arrive?
    Your tickets will generally arrive 2-5 days after purchase unless noted of otherwise.
  2. Who will be delivering my tickets?
    Fenway Ticket King uses FedEx to ship their tickets. FedEx requires someone to sign for the tickets once they arrive.
  3. Will someone need to sign for my tickets?
    Yes, we treat tickets as though they are money. Therefore we need an adult to sign for the tickets once FedEx has arrived.

Refunds and Other Information

  1. Is my information kept safe and secure?
    Yes, Fenway Ticket King uses a secure checkout and server to keep all of your information safe. We also never distribute any information about our customers to third parties.
  2. My event was postponed, can I get a refund?
    If your event was postponed we will not offer a refund for the tickets that were purchased. All sales are final unless the event is canceled or you did not receive the proper tickets.
  3. My event was canceled, can I get a refund?>br />Yes we will send you a full refund for your tickets.
  4. It has been a long time (2 weeks) since I placed my order and my tickets haven't arrived, what do I do?
    If it has been an unusual amount of time since you placed your order and your tickets have not arrived then you will want to contact our customer service department to get your issue taken care of.1-877-870-3649