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Outfield Grandstand Tickets

Fenway Park's outfield grandstands are located along right field and left field. The sections are a continuation of the infield grandstands which are directly behind the Loge Box seats and the Right Field Box seats.

The Outfield Grandstands are partially covered (Fenway is an open-air, outdoor baseball venue). These sections are an excellent value and are highly sought after tickets.

Boston Red Sox Outfield Grandstand Tickets

Fenway Park Outfield Grandstands

The right field outfield grandstand sections are numbered from section 1 to section 12. These sections start next to the outfield bleachers (at section 1) and loop around the foul pole (Pesky's Pole) and continue roughly to about the first base area before turning into the infield grandstands (starting at section 13).

The left field outfield grandstand is much smaller than the right side. The sections start at section 28 and continue to 33. These are located behind the loge boxes and extend from the third base area (section 28) to the Green Monster Wall (section 33).

Section 33 is designated as a "Family Section" where alcoholic beverages are not allowed and swearing, taunting and smoking are not allowed. This small section is located adjacent to the Green Monster and fans in this area can look up at the left field foul pole and also look behind them at the continuation of the massive outfield wall.

About Outfield Grandstand Tickets at Fenway Park

When entering Fenway Park, you will want to look at what gate your ticket indicates because if you enter at the wrong gate, it can take a very long time to get to your seats. Fans will enter through their designated gate, enter the concourse and then when going to the field, they will enter at the Loge level and go up to the grandstand section from there.

Tickets for these sections tend to be slightly cheaper than infield grandstand tickets because of the distance from home plate, however, these are still great seats to see a Red Sox game or a concert.

One thing to watch out for in these sections is obstructed views. Because these sections are under another section, there are poles and beams that may interfere with your view of the event. Tickets sold on Fenway Ticket King that have an obstructed view will be noted in the ticket description. Notes may include "partial view", "obstructed view", "partially obstructed", "limited view", etc.

Outfield Grandstand seats are available for nearly every event at Fenway Park including concerts, live events and of course, baseball games.

The gate to the ballpark for outfield grandstand seats along right field (sections 1-12) is Gate B on Van Ness Street. There is a will call office at this gate. Van Ness Street intersects Yawkey Way and Ipswitch Street.

The gate for outfield grandstand seats in left field (sections 28-33) are either Gate A or Gate E. Gate A is located on Yawkey Way near Brookline Ave. Gate E is located on Lansdowne Street near Brookline Ave.

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