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Standing Room Only Tickets

The standing room only (SRO) tickets at Fenway Park are often among the cheapest tickets available for Red Sox games. Standing Room Only means that these tickets grant you access to Fenway Park for the game or event, however, there is no seat for these tickets. Instead, the ticket holder must stand for the duration of the game in a specified location of the ballpark to watch the game or event.

There are various spots in Fenway Park designated for standing room only patrons. Some premium SRO tickets are located at the top of the Green Monster sections above the left field wall known as the "Green Monster", a massive wall in left field.

Boston Red Sox Standing Room Only Tickets

Fenway Park Standing Room Only

Typical standing room only tickets are located behind the grandstand seats. This section can become very crowded, especially around the home plate area. This is a great section to view the game in the infield and behind home plate.

Pavillion SRO sections are designated along the 1st and 3rd base lines and are located high above the field. In fact, these are the highest sections at Fenway Park. These sections tend to be less crowded and more comfortable than around the home plate grandstand areas.

Green Monster or "Monster SRO" tickets allow fans to view the game from the left field seats atop the Green Monster wall. These are some of the newest and most popular sections of Fenway Park and this is an excellent view of the outfield. You'll see a lot of action and have a good chance at a home run ball in these sections.

Coca Cola pavilion SRO sections (or just pavilion SRO sections) are located along the top of Fenway in the infield along the 1st base and 3rd base lines. These sections are good choices for SRO as they are less crowded than sections located closer to the field. If it's a nice day out, these are great spots to be to watch the game.

The last section of Fenway Park that allows standing room is the Budweiser right field roof deck, right field roof terrace and the right field roof box. These sections are far above the field and quite a ways away from home plate. The tickets may be a bit more affordable due to the relative location of the section.

About SRO Tickets at Fenway Park

Fenway Park has several much smaller standing room dedicated areas which are a lot less common than the sections mentioned above.

To find Standing Room Only tickets to games or events at Fenway Park, view the schedule of events at Fenway Park and look for tickets marked, "Standing Room Only", "Standing Room", or "SRO".

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