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Purchase Boston Red Sox dugout box tickets to sit in the dugout box seats.
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Dugout Box Seats

Fenway Park Dugout Box seats are available for all Boston Red Sox home games. These popular, "close to the action" seats are hot tickets for all Boston Red Sox fans. Sitting in Dugout Box seats for a baseball game is fun and exciting as you are so close to the game. Dugout box seats are the seats closest to the field. Dugout box seats are along the 3rd base line, 1st base line and behind home plate.

Fenway Park's foul ball area is very narrow so the dugout box seats are close to the playing area. If you're lucky enough to find dugout box seats close to the on-deck circle, you will get an opportunity to see all the players up close and personal as they await their turn at the plate. Dugout box seats behind home plate is where you see all the fans on tv whenever a pitch is thrown. With dugout box seats, you have a great chance of being on tv and seeing the players.

Dugout Seats

At Fenway Park, nothing gets you closer to the field than dugout seats. Dugout seats make you feel like you're part of the game. Feel like a VIP for every second of the game. Dugout tickets are on sale for all Boston Red Sox games and if you're lucky enough to get dugout seats or dugout box tickets, you'll feel like Red Sox royalty.

Red Sox Dugout Box Tickets

Dugout Seat Tickets

Getting tickets to watch the Boston Red Sox from the great dugout box seats at Fenway Park is a rare and special opportunity. To check the availability of dugout seats, you must first find a Red Sox game that you want to attend with the Boston Red Sox Game Schedule. Then you can browse through the selection of tickets for that Red Sox game to find your dugout tickets or dugout box seat availability.

The dugout box sections along the 1st base line is commonly referred to as canvas alley. There are lots of foul balls in canvas alley and lots of them go to the fans sitting in the Dugout Box Seats near the Boston Red Sox dugout. Fenway Park Dugout Seats are a great gift for all Red Sox and baseball fans in Boston and New England. Boston Red Sox Dugout Box Seats are on sale now; check our Red Sox tickets for pricing.

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