Green Monster Seats at Fenway Park

Green Monster Tickets
If you're headed to Fenway Park with an eye on catching a home run ball, you're going to need a little bit of luck. The Monster Seats above the Green Monster in left field do see home run balls, but they also see a number of would-be home runs dent the tall wall or fly overhead completely out of the ballpark. If you're feeling lucky, Monster sections 3-5 are your best bet for snagging a souvenir.

The best seats in the house

Catching a home run ball in right and right center fields doesn't get much easier. The Green Monster is famous for preventing home runs on many line drives that would clear the walls of other ballparks. A side effect of this is to increase the prevalence of doubles, since this is the most common result when the ball is hit off the wall (often referred to as a "wallball double"). Some left fielders, predominantly those with vast Fenway experience, have become adept at fielding caroms off the wall to throw runners out at second base or hold the batter to a single. If catching a foul ball at a Red Sox game is on your bucket list, you'll find that a lot of balls make it into the seats - but their final destinations are rather unpredictable. Many foul balls fly completely out of the stadium (over the roof) or carom off one of the many facades into the lower level.

Green Monster Tickets

The Other seats are great too!

Despite the unpredictable bounces, almost every seat at Fenway Park has a chance to come home with a souvenir. The few exception are the deepest Pavilion Boxes which are too far from home plate and the highest rows of the Grandstand which are tucked deeply beneath the EMC Level. For your best chance at a ball, consider the aforementioned EMC Club seats, Loge Boxes down the first and third base lines and Pavilion Boxes near the infield. Finally, if you're bringing a young child, consider Field Boxes 8-10 in right field and 72-76 in left field which are located near the ball girls. A number of foul ground balls end up in their mitts and they're often looking for a smiling young fan to toss it to.

Green Monster Fun Facts

When did the Green Monster get seats? The seating section above the Green Monster opened in the 2003 season.

How many seats are there on the Green Monster? There are only 269 seats perched atop the Green Monster.

How tall is the Green Monster? Fenway Park's Green Monster stands 37 feet tall.

How far is the Green Monster from Home Plate? The Green Monster is located 310 feet from home plate.

How much do Green Monster seat tickets cost? The cost of tickets varies based on factors such as opponent, time of year and day of week. However, due to their popularity, uniqueness and limited quantity, you can expect to pay a premium price to enjoy the Green Monster Seat experience.

Are Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets available in the Green Monster Section? Yes, there are a limited number of Standing Room Only tickets available.