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Red Sox Loge Boxes for Red Sox Games at Fenway Park
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Red Sox Loge Boxes

The loge box seats at Fenway Park are directly behind the field box sections and in front of the infield grandstands. the Loge sections are great places to catch the action of Boston Red Sox baseball at Fenway Park. Red Sox loge box seats are for sale now at Fenway Ticket King.

Fenway Park loge section seating has good views of the field. The loge sections span from the left field (along the foul line - 3rd base line) all the way around home plate and to the right field boxes (just beyond first base). Tickets for loge box sections are affordable compared to similar tickets and are a great value for a small group of people or a crowd of fans. Red Sox loge tickets are on sale now and can be purchased through our online checkout.

Red Sox Loge Box Tickets

Boston Red Sox Loge Tickets

The loge sections are often in the shade during home games and can protect you from rain on days where weather is an issue. Check the Boston Red Sox Schedule to find games you want to attend this season and from there you can find tickets for all loge sections and all rows (high and low). Many loge box seats are available for purchase here at Fenway Ticket King and loge tickets for Red Sox are selling fast.

When the Boston Red Sox take the field, you'll have a great view from the Loge seats that you bought tickets for. Many people prefer to sit in the Loge section instead of the field box section to stay out of the sun, rain and heat. Fenway Park is the oldest stadium in the MLB and every game counts for the Boston Red Sox. The loge section fills up fast and tickets are in demand. Order your Red Sox Loge tickets online.

About Loge Section Tickets

When you order Red Sox loge tickets, they will be shipped to you using FedEx.

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